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Top Young Employer

Northwestel is honoured to have been selected as one of the 100 Top Young Employers for 2012. The annual awards program, organized by KPMG as part of the overall Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition, recognizes exceptional employers that are leaders in attracting and retaining younger employees.

We firmly believe in supporting young people and cultivating an environment that enables the next generation of leaders.  Meet some of our top young employees now:

Megan Klassen, 24, Financial Analyst

“Being an employee at Northwestel, you don’t get lost in the day to day or feel like you have no ability to improve the company. Most big companies you simply are a gear that makes the big machine work. Not here. You are a piece to the puzzle and every single employee is needed for the company to be successful. The best part is the relationships that I’ve developed with the people that I work with.”

Derek Klassen, 26, Product Manager - Marketing

“Whitehorse is a very good fit for my wife and me. Not many other corporations offer an employee directly out of university the opportunity to interact with Directors and Vice Presidents in the capacity that Northwestel does.”

Catherine Newsome, 19, Retail

“Northwestel’s commitment to Northern Communities makes me very proud to be a member of their team. Also, the Human Resources department is extremely efficient and makes me feel safe and supported as a young adult in the work force. I’ve worked two summers at Northwestel while I study the rest of the year at University. As a commerce student I need to participate in three co-op work terms. Northwestel supports my career goals and has offered me a position as a Marketing Analyst as my first co-op placement.”

Matthew Hicks, 23, NOCC Technician

“There’s always something new to learn each day. There’s a wide range of different job opportunities at Northwestel, with opportunities to travel (whether it be for training or for work).  The benefits are great.  My coworkers are kind and helpful.”

Kate Kennedy, 28, Associate Director of Accounting

“I feel as if I’ve grown up at Northwestel and that the Company has so much to offer. I have always been supported in my roles and have had some amazing leaders throughout my career.”

Charles Tung, 25, Budget and Results Manager

“Three things I like about working at Northwestel? The opportunities to grow professionally, the ability to balance my work, life and continuing education, and the competitive wages and benefits."

Tedd Tucker, 28, Marketing Campaign Manager

“Northwestel is always looking for new ideas, new approaches, and new insights and it’s exciting to participate in that process. The company empowers young employees by listening to their ideas and providing them opportunities to execute what they’re passionate about.” 

Kluane Adamek, 25, Aboriginal Liaison

“As a Yukon First Nation woman, it is important that the organization I work for is respectful of the cultural diversity of the North; a company that invests in Aboriginal communities, and creates strong, collaborative working relationships. Any organization I commit my time and energies to must also share these values. In my experience, Northwestel is all of these things.”