Directory Cover Art Competition Application

Directory Art Competition

A prize award of $3000 will be awarded to each of the three selected winning entrants. Selection of the winning entries will be by a panel of northern artists and/or arts consultants and/or Northwestel personnel and/or public ‘people’s choice’ balloting.

  • Eligibility

    Entrants must be current residents of Northwestel’s operating area (Nunavut, NWT, northern BC and Yukon). Artists whose work has appeared on a Northwestel directory cover in the last four years are not eligible to enter. Artwork Guidelines Works to be considered must be two-dimensional original, hand-rendered artwork (such as acrylic, oil, watercolour, silkscreen, etc.) or three-dimensional works (such as sculptures and carvings). Although photography is considered an art form, we are not seeking this type of artwork at this time for the directory covers. Mechanically produced or assisted artwork, such as photographs or computer-generated images are ineligible. The artwork cannot already have been previously published, reproduced in any format or exhibited. The artist should not have future plans to sell, publish, reproduce or exhibit the artwork. A maximum of two pieces may be submitted by each artist.

  • How to Enter

    Entries must be received by Monday Oct 15, 2018. Late entries cannot be considered, due to the production schedule of the telephone directories. The winning entrants will be contacted shortly after the close of the selection process in October.

    Entries must be accompanied by an official entry form containing the following information:

    Artist’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (if available)

    A short artist’s biography

    Description of the artwork, including dimensions, medium and title

    Acknowledgment of the conditions of entry

    Artist Information
    Individual files can be no larger than 5MB and must be saved in one of the following formats; .JPG .TIFF .PNG .PDF

    Conditions of Entry

    By entering the competition, the entrant agrees to the following conditions:

    All entries will be posted on Northwestel’s website for viewing by the public. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees to have his or her work published in this manner.

    A winning entrant must agree to permit Northwestel to publish his or her artwork on the cover of Northwestel’s 2018/19 directory in his or her geographic region (Nunavut, NWT or Yukon/northern BC).

    The winning entry from each region will become the property of Northwestel, to be included in the company’s corporate art collection.

    A winning entrant agrees to allow Northwestel to reproduce up to 100 photographic reproductions of the artwork, to be signed, numbered and titled by the artist. These reproductions will not be made available for sale by Northwestel, but will be used as corporate gifts, presentations or donations. Ten additional reproductions will be provided to the artist as artist’s proofs.

    A winning entrant agrees that Northwestel shall have the right to reproduce the artwork on its corporate website, and on promotional posters, wall calendars, art cards or other printed materials, that shall not be for sale by Northwestel except only as donated to non-profit organizations to be used as a means of fundraising.

    The prize award monies will be the sole remuneration provided to the winning entrants.