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Dedicated Networks

With a dedicated network from Northwestel, you never have to worry about making a connection between different locations. They can be on opposite sides of the street or opposite ends of the country. No matter how remote your location, you always have a fast, reliable and secure connection - where you want it, when you need it.

Northwestel offers two kinds of dedicated networks:

Private Line

Private Line provides permanent, full-time network connectivity between communities and remote locations in the North or across Canada.

Dedicated Local Access

Dedicated Local Access provides permanent, full-time network connectivity between two locations within a particular northern community.


Northwestel can also combine the power of dedicated local access and private line services to build a seamless permanent network that offers you the best of both worlds.

No matter what kind of network you require, Northwestel can provide a proven end-to-end solution. Our experienced technicians across the North are ready to install and maintain your network. Our solutions include access, transport facilities and network equipment.

How to order

For additional information about Dedicated Networks, contact a Business Products and Services representative in your area.

Additional Information

Glossary of Data Network Terminology