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Packet Services

Some businesses and organizations don't require the power of a full-time, dedicated network at high bandwidth. So why pay for one? Northwestel offers a Packet Service that allows customers to transmit and receive smaller volumes of data on demand. This saves you money because you pay a variable cost based on the amount of data you send, rather than the fixed cost of dedicated bandwidth you don't always need.

Northwestel's Packet Service uses a reliable national network that connects more than 270 locations across Canada. With speeds of 300 to 56,000 bps, it offers interactivity suitable for a wide variety of applications, including real-time inquiries and responses. It even includes built-in error checking.

Packet Service is ideal for:

  • Point-of-sale (POS) transactions
  • Large file transfers
  • Personal banking services
  • Inventory control

How to order

For additional information, contact a Business Products and Services representative in your area.

Additional Information

Glossary of Data Network Terminology