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Reservationless On Demand Conferencing

Conferencing at the tip of your fingers!

This pay-per-use service is the ideal way to conduct a conference call whenever you want - without having to book your call in advance. Just use your dedicated Dial-in numbers, unique Conference ID and private Moderator PIN anytime you want to conduct a call.


No reservation is required once the subscription has been set-up. Ideal for regular, frequent or last-minute meetings and available 24/7. Plus, a selection of Star-Touch features can be activated and de-activated easily using your Touch-Tone phone.


No special equipment required! All you and your participants need is a phone line and a Touch-Tone™ phone. Once all participants are connected into

the conference call, everyone can speak normally and join in the discussion, just as if they were seated around a boardroom table.


Call now to order your personal conference bridge account. Our Conference Operators are available to place your order and answer your questions. To order, please call us at 1-800-661-0434 or sign up online.


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