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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing is a powerful meeting tool. With a web browser and a telephone, you can use Northwestel Web Conferencing Services to talk, see, share information, and work collaboratively with other people.

Northwestel Web Conferencing is designed for any business. Easy to use, Web Conferencing put you in the same room with your colleagues, seamlessly sharing voice and data. With these solutions you can collaborate with presentation viewing, application sharing, allowing multiple people to edit a document, polling, and white boarding for brainstorming sessions. Plus, your Web Conferences are simultaneously accompanied by a family of NorthwesTel Audio Conferencing services, allowing all participants to see the presenter's document and hear his voice at the same time.

Flexible solutions

Northwestel partners with leading companies to bring you the most advanced technology. Our web conferencing solutions are currently offered through BellCanada and the Cisco WebEx platform.

Conferencing specialists can integrate and customize this solution to your existing systems, creating a truly unified and multimedia environment.


Our web conferencing solutions include:

  • Application and desktop sharing
  • File transfer
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Instant messaging
  • Polling


  • Improve real-time collaboration across your organization
  • Share, annotate, discuss and distribute documents
  • Reduce travel costs and improve productivity
  • Hold multiple, concurrent meetings without the need to book physical space

For more information, or to set up a Web Conference, call us at 1-800-661-0434 or use our online set up service.

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