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Use the sliders to set the number of minutes you expect to use each month for long distance calls to see which plan best suits your needs.

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Long Distance Calling Plans


With no monthly fee, the BusinessCents™ plan is great for small businesses that make a minimum amount of long distance calls.

BusinessCents™ 400

Receive 400 minutes of calling anywhere in Canada or the USA for only $27.95 a month.

BusinessCents™ Advanced

Perfect for businesses that want one low rate that applies anytime, anywhere in Canada or the USA.

BusinessCents Plus™

BusinessCents Plus™ offers even lower flat rates and volume discounts for businesses that spend more than $100 per month on long-distance calling.

BusinessCents Toll-Free™

BusinessCents Toll-Free™ allows customers to call you anytime at no charge, from anywhere in Canada and the United States - you pick up the low costs of the call.

Basic Toll Schedules