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Repair & Troubleshooting

Occasionally, Northwestel customers experience service problems. These problems often have a simple explanation-usually the customer's equipment-and can be resolved without the assistance of Northwestel.

If you have a problem that remains unresolved after following the troubleshooting steps described below, contact Northwestel repair at 1-888-423-2333 and they will be able to address your problem.

If Northwestel makes a repair visit to your business and finds no trouble with our facilities, you will be charged the following Diagnostic Maintenance Fees:

First 15 minutes spent on premise: $54.50
Each additional 15 minutes spent on premise: $13.50

Troubleshooting steps to determine if the problem is with your equipment

The most common problem reported by business customers is no dial tone (in which case callers to the affected telephone number receive a busy signal). The cause of this problem may be a receiver off the hook, a cordless telephone with dead batteries, a malfunctioning answering machine, or some other difficulty with your telephone equipment, including inside wiring.

If you have one telephone:

  1. Check to ensure the telephone receiver is on the hook.
  2. Unplug the phone.
  3. With the telephone unplugged, call your telephone number from another phone. If you get a ringing signal, the telephone set likely needs to be repaired or replaced. If you still get a busy signal, contact Northwestel repair at 1-888-423-2333.

If you have two or more telephones:

  1. Check to ensure all telephone receivers are on their hooks.
  2. Unplug telephone devices one at a time. (A telephone device may be a telephone, cordless telephone, answering machine, computer modem or fax machine.)
  3. After unplugging the first telephone device, wait for five minutes, then check the next telephone for dial tone. Continue to unplug the remaining telephone devices, one by one, waiting five minutes each time.
  4. If you have unplugged all telephone devices except for one and you still get no dial tone, unplug the last telephone, wait five minutes, then plug in the first telephone you unplugged.
  5. If you still have no dial tone, contact Northwestel repair at 1-888-423-2333.

Check your Network Interface Device (NID)

Many buildings have a NID installed on the outside wall. If you have a NID it will be located outside near your hydro line or meter. A NID looks like a metal box and can be opened by loosening the bottom screw and releasing the snap (as indicated on the cover).

Once you have located your NID, disconnect a phone that you believe is in good working order, and follow the simple instructions on the inside cover of the NID. By following the instructions, you can determine if the problem is with your inside wiring, or if it is a problem with Northwestel’s network.

If the tests reveal that the problem is with your inside wiring, you can save the cost of having a Northwestel technician visit your home unnecessarily.

If the tests reveal that the problem is with Northwestel’s network, please call Northwestel Repair Services at 1-888-423-2333.

For more information on checking your NID, read our NID Information Brochure [PDF]

How to Identify Northwestel Service Technicians

Northwestel employees carry identification cards bearing the company name and their signatures. Any person who claims to be an employee of Northwestel without this card should not be admitted to your residence. For verification of a Northwestel service technician's employment, contact Human Resources at 867-668-5324.

The PDF documents on this page require Adobe Reader to view. If you do not have this, you can download Adobe Reader for free from this location.