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Single-Line Service and Rates

Single Line and Multi Line Business Phone services are not available in High Level, Alberta.

Northwestel is committed to making it easy for your business to stay connected. Just call our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-423-2333 and within two business days*, we will connect or disconnect your business telephone line.

* If work is required on to the inside wiring of the building, it may take longer to complete a line connection.

Our Rates Have Changed!

Learn how these rate changes affect you at:

Recurring Rates

Single Business Telephone Line $66.31 per month
  • Does not include the cost of long distance calls, long distance calling plans, Calling Features or any telephone sets that you ask Northwestel to provide.
  • Rates for your first and last month of telephone service are always pro-rated.
  • Monthly rate of $69.35 per month applicable to customers residing outside of Whitehorse and Yellowknife

Note: Service is not currently available to Business Customers in High Level, Alberta

One-time Charges

The following one-time charges always apply to the connection of business phone service:

Order Processing charge $44.50
Line Connection charge $29.30

* If you are having your phone disconnected at one location and transferred to another location, you pay one Order Processing charge and one Line Connection charge for each phone number being transferred.

Additional Charges

The following additional one-time charges apply only if a Northwestel technician has to perform work on our line equipment outside your business location in order to provision a requested service:

Premises Visit charge $31.00
Premises Work charge $89.25

You are responsible for the costs of any installation, repair or maintenance work on the inside wiring at your business location. If requested, Northwestel will provide these services at current hourly rates.