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Why Work at Northwestel?


Imagine… a career with a future

“Northwestel’s employees are its most important asset. Northwestel will provide an excellent working environment that attracts, retains, trains and develops the skilled and talented people needed to deliver on its goals. Northwestel’s employees will bring their unique skills, knowledge and efforts to the job, and will represent the diversity of the communities that the company serves.”

A career with Northwestel is an opportunity to join a dynamic customer-focused team that listens and responds to changing customers’ needs and expectations.

In a competitive marketplace, we believe that our employees are our primary competitive advantage to being the preferred supplier of high-value communications solutions to northern customers. We also believe that we must continuously improve our processes so that they remain competitive with industry standards and effective in the eyes of our customers.

As we work towards our corporate goals, Northwestel itself will see a transformation - through our employees, we will improve our relationships with our customers.

The benefits of a career with Northwestel and a life in the North