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Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear loyal customers,

Today, Northwestel announced the transfer of our wireless business to Bell Mobility. I can confidently say you are in good hands. Bell Mobility is recognized in Canada and globally as a leader in the wireless industry. You will have access to the latest in mobile products and services including Canada’s most reliable national voice network and access to more than 40 mobile channels through Bell Mobile TV.

We are working with Bell Mobility to ensure the transfer is seamless and effortless on your part. You will retain your current cell phones and phone numbers, and your contracts will simply be transferred to a Bell Mobility account. You will receive more information in the coming weeks about the account transfer, and I encourage you to visit this website for updates.

To our wireless customers, I wish to thank you for your loyalty to Northwestel through the years. To all northerners, I want to assure you we will continue to bring the best Internet, home phone and television services to the north and we will continue to support and sponsor organizations in your community. We take great pride in being a northern company, offering consumers and businesses innovative, competitively priced communications solutions while supporting initiatives that deliver tremendous social and economic benefits to our region.

Thank you again for your support.


Paul Flaherty
President and CEO

Postpaid FAQs

Why is Northwestel transferring its wireless business to Bell?

Increased access to advanced wireless services is an important part of Northwestel’s Modernization Plan for the North, and with its national scale, Bell Mobility is well positioned to deliver on the capital investments required to deliver those services while Northwestel remains focused on expanding the availability and capabilities of our wireline services that we know are extremely important to northerners

When will the transfer take place?

A transition plan is underway and is scheduled to last for several months. Our goal is to make the transition smooth and seamless for customers. Details regarding the transfer of contracts, including their terms and conditions, will be shared directly with customers in the coming weeks and months. We encourage customers to visit the Northwestel and Latitude Wireless websites for updates.

Will I need to change my wireless number or device?

Latitude and Northwestel wireless customers will keep their cell phones and phone numbers.

What benefits will Northwestel and Latitude wireless customers see under Bell Mobility?

Bell Mobility is recognized in Canada and globally for its network investment and innovation. Latitude and Northwestel wireless customers will have access to the latest in mobile products and services, including Canada’s most reliable national voice network and more than 40 mobile channels through Bell Mobile TV.

Who do I make my bill payments to?

For now and until the transfer is complete, customers will continue to receive a bill from Northwestel/Latitude and can pay through their regular channels. Once the transfer of accounts is complete and customers receive their first bill from Bell Mobility, they will receive instructions on payment options and where to address support inquiries.

How will my plan be transferred to Bell?

Customers will be contacted about the transfer in the coming weeks and months. We encourage customers to visit the Northwestel and Latitude Wireless websites for updates.

Does this mean I will need to call Bell’s call centre from now on?

While the transition is underway, customers will continue to receive their service, billing and customer support through Northwestel/Latitude. When customers receive their first bill from Bell Mobility they will also receive instructions on future service and support as well as contact information.

What will happen to the Modernization Plan with this transfer?

In January 2013, Northwestel announced an ambitious multi-year Modernization Plan to deliver the latest and greatest services to the vast majority of northerners and many of Canada’s most remote communities. This $233 million plan is the largest investment in communications ever undertaken in northern Canada and will provide tremendous economic and social benefits. Part of the plan is to deliver 4G cellular access to 99% of northerners. By the end of 2013, Northwestel will have introduced 4G service to more than 20 communities. Bell is fully committed to move forward with all additional Northwestel investments in 4G technology outlined in Northwestel’s Modernization Plan.

What happens to pre-paid wireless services from Northwestel and Latitude Wireless? Will pre-paid cards, PINs and phones purchased over the coming weeks and months still work?

All pre-paid, wireless-related items from Northwestel and Latitude – including cards, PINs and phones – will continue to be available on a retail basis during the transition period. These products and services will function normally during and after the transition to Bell Mobility’s pre-paid products and services, which will occur gradually over a period of three to six months. Customers in specific communities will be advised about the availability of Bell Mobility pre-paid products and services over the course of the transition period.

Prepaid FAQs

When will prepaid service be transitioned to Bell Mobility?

Northwestel prepaid wireless customers will be migrated to Bell Mobility on June 19, 2014.
Due to system changes, within the next week, customers may experience an interruption of approximately one hour in receiving text messages. 
We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Will my prepaid phone number change?

No. Customers will continue to have the same phone number after the transition.

Will there be any change to my rate plan?

Prepaid rate plans will not change under Bell Mobility. In fact, with Bell Mobility prepaid service customers will now get access to free long distance to anywhere in Canada.

Can I continue using my current prepaid handset?

Yes. All prepaid handsets will continue to work after the transition to Bell Mobility.

Can I still access my Prepaid voicemail messages after the transition?

Customers will be able to access existing Voicemail messages by dialing 867-456-9295 and entering their phone number and password. Voicemail messages deposited prior to the transition will be available until July 11th. Customers should ensure they check any unheard voicemail messages by this date. After the transition, a new voicemail inbox will be set up. For your information on how to access existing and new voicemail messages, please see

After the transition, how can I add credit to my prepaid phone?

To top up prepaid credit, customers will now dial #321 from their prepaid handset or 1 888 537 9999 from a home phone. *867 will no longer be available to top up prepaid credit. The minimum top up amount will also be changing from $10 to $15. Please refer to for more information on topping up prepaid credit.

What if I have any credit that has not been used?

Any credit already loaded on a customer’s account can be used. Existing credit will still expire after the regular active period. Any credit that has not been loaded to a customer’s account will expire after June 19th. Customers can refund any unused top up cards by contacting Bell Mobility at 1 800 667 0123.

How can I get help with my prepaid service?

Please visit for more information or contact Bell Mobility at 1 800 667 0123 or by dialing *611 with any questions about your Bell Mobility prepaid service. Please note that *8255 will no longer be available to contact Client Care.

What happens if I buy a Northwestel prepaid phone prior to Bell taking over the provision of prepaid wireless service?

Northwestel will continue to provide customers with service until June 19, 2014, at which time the service provider will switch to Bell Mobility. There is no anticipated impact on phone service during the transition.