Webmail Secure Settings

Northwestel cares about your security and as part of the recently completed Webmail upgrade, we ask that you ensure you are using secure settings on all your devices. This will help better protect you and your Webmail account. For email settings and setup, see the instructions below.

Please note that new software updates may cause slight variances in secure settings instructions. You should still be able to update your settings by following the instructions for your device. If you are still having difficulties or can not find your device in the list below, contact our Internet Support Team at 1 888 423-2333.

IMPORTANT: when referencing incoming and outgoing server names please use your account specific domain. (klondiker.com, theedge.ca, northwestel.net)

For example, user@klondiker.com  would use:

  • Incoming: pop3.klondiker.com or imap.klondiker.com
  • Outgoing: smtp-auth.klondiker.com

Choose your Webmail access point and select the proper settings from the options below.