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Why Choose Northwestel PC Protection Plus?

Always up-to-date

always-up-to-dateWith Northwestel Security Suite, you will receive new versions and security updates that are fast, regular and secure. This ensures rapid and ongoing protection against new threats.

360-degree security

360-securityNorthwestel Security Suite scans more than just your PC. It also scans CDs, USB sticks, Internet sites while surfing, and downloads, to ensure all-around protection.


firewallThe firewall provided with Northwestel Security Suite is ideal for 'always-on' broadband connections and provides continuous protection against hackers, Trojans, worms and other dangerous malwares.

Best Protection

best-protectionNorthwestel Security Suite provides swift and reliable virus protection provided by the world's most reputed antivirus research team.

Spyware Protection

spyware-protectionNorthwestel Security Suite’s Spyware Protection software allows you to surf without fear of sacrificing your privacy, or your family’s privacy, to a third party. 


Parental Control Time

parental-control-time-lockLock Allows you to determine at what times your children are able to access certain web pages. 


Parental Control Content Filtering

parental-control-filteringEnables you to protect your children from Internet dangers by blocking undesired content and providing you with viewing records of sites visited.

Spam Control

spam-controlControls all inbound mail messages and separates spam mail from important mail, saving you the hassle of filtering through spam for your valuable mail.

Easy to install and use

easy-to-useNorthwestel Security Suite software is highly automated so you do not need to spend excessive amounts of time analyzing the details and complexities of data security.

Less memory usage

less-memoryOur light software client ensures uncompromised protection without slowing down your computer.