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Small Business Solutions

Break Free with Northwestel Business Solutions

Northwestel offers simple solutions to help your small business grow. Read on to learn more about how Northwestel can help your Small Business connect with customers, suppliers or employees with the fastest network in the North, with Northwestel's Small Business Solutions!

Business Internet

Not sure what you need for your business? Northwestel offers different Internet packages to keep you connected and competitive.

Internet Security

Northwestel PC Protection Plus is an all-in-one security package that safeguards your computer against threats, leaving you worry-free.

Hosted Services

Get more out of your business with Northwestel’s suite of Hosted Services.


Northwestel offers a selection of handsets that will provide you with the features and access to the plans that offer your business the most. Browse our selection to find a phone or smart phone that allows your business to perform.

Business Phone

No matter what are your business needs, Northwestel offers voice solutions to fit!


Once you establish your business communications lines, get even more.

Already a Northwestel Customer?

Answers to all your telephone questions.

Small Business Bundles

Business TV

Northwestel offers TV programming choices to keep your guests and customers entertained and informed.

Our range of analog TV programming for business includes news, lifestyle, current events and sports. Northwestel TV programming for business is reliable and provides good value for you and excellent entertainment to your customers. For more information about our TV programming options for business please contact your Sales Representative or call 1-800-423-2333.

Interested in promoting your business to TV viewers in our communities? Click here for information on Northwestel's Cable TV advertising solutions.


Northwestel has alternative solutions to connect your team without the cost and time of travel.