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Northwestel’s videoconferencing solutions allow you to easily conduct interactive, full-visual meetings with colleagues in multiple locations, across the North and around the world – without the cost and inconvenience of traveling.

Our innovative technology let’s you share charts and diagrams using the document camera, and incorporate a wide range of multimedia such as slides, videotapes and notebook computer presentations.

Our public facilities in Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Iqaluit, are equipped with all the required equipment needed for your meeting and comfortably accommodate up to ten people. We also provide room coordinators to help plan, prepare and facilitate your videoconference.

A videoconference may be set up as either dial-out or dial-in.

  • With a dial-out arrangement, a Northwestel videoconference facilitator dials out to all participants and links them into the videoconference.
  • With a dial-in arrangement, participants dial into the conference themselves.


Basic charges for use of Northwestel's videoconferencing facilities are as follows:

Set Up Fee $50.00
Room & Equipment Fee $160.00 per hour
Long Distance Charges 0.17¢ per minute per line used
Gateway or Bridge Fees:
Gateway Connection Fee
(two videoconferencing locations)
$1.00 per minute per port
Multi-Point Bridge Fee
(three or more videoconferencing locations):
Video Bridge Reservation Fee $25.00 per port
Video Bridge Usage $1.00 per minute

Bridge and gateway charges are assessed based on the number of ports booked, regardless of whether any or all ports are used during the conference. Charges are applied based on a 30 minute minimum per port.


For more information or to book, call 867-668-5300

Reserving a videoconference depends on the availability of facilities, so we recommend booking as early as possible and at least seven days before the videoconference.

Reservations that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled start-time are subject to the following charges: Set Up Fee, Room & Equipment Fee for the period booked, and applicable Gateway or Bridge Fees for the period and number of ports booked.

Host your own videoconference

Videoconferencing equipment is available for rent or purchase, so you can transform your office into a modern videoconferencing centre when and as often as you need to.

Call 1 867-668-5300 for more information.

Additional Information

Videoconferencing FAQ