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iGuide Auto Power Down

As part of an Energy Star program, Motorola has developed a feature that enables the DCX model set top boxes to automatically power down and save energy when not in use for four hours.

If the set top box sits idle and has no interaction with the remote or buttons on the front panel for four hours, it will automatically go into standby mode meaning it will shut down and your TV will go black. Users will need to turn on the set top box power before being able to watch TV again. Although the unit will go into standby mode after four hours of being idle, it will still wake up to record scheduled programs.
To disable this energy-saving feature, please follow these steps:
1. When the receiver is ON, hit the ‘Power’ button on your remote, and immediately after, press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote. This will bring up the ‘User Setting Menu’.
2. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to highlight the setting called ‘Auto Power Down’, then press the ‘OK’ button on the remote to select that feature.
3. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to ‘Auto Power Down’, and set this feature value to ‘disabled’.
4. Press the ‘Menu’ button to return to usual receiver functionality.
For additional information or assistance with this or any other receiver feature, please call our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-423-2333, and once in the main menu, press “1” for personal, then “3” for cable services, then “4” for technical support.