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MultiRoom DVR

Get more control, more on demand and more convenience for only $4.95/month.

Check out the Getting Started Guide here.

With MultiRoom DVR service, you can:

  • Access DVR recordings throughout your home – from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, on any receiver connected on the home network
  • Start watching a recording in one room and finish it in another.
  • Watch different recordings on different TVs at the same time.
  • View completed DVR recordings, and those in progress, from non-DVR networked receivers in your home.
  • Play back different recordings in multiple rooms at the same time - on up to three non-DVR receivers in your home.
  • Fast-forward, rewind, pause, skip ahead or skip back when watching any recorded program.
  • Start a recorded show on the DVR and finish watching it on another networked receiver in another room in your home.

 Now, your whole family can enjoy DVR recordings from any connected TV in your home.  It’s like having one DVR for multiple rooms!

 How MultiRoom DVR Service Works

  • MultiRoom DVR service creates an in-home network between a main DVR and up to three additional non-DVR receivers.  The non-DVR receivers connect to your main DVR, so you can access DVR recordings throughout your home.

What you’ll need for MultiRoom DVR:

1. Main DVR (hub)

  • The main DVR must be a Motorola DCX 3400M receiver - our most advanced HD DVR. 
  • The hub works just like a normal HD DVR receiver that controls all DVR recording functions. You use the main DVR to schedule recordings, set priorities, and manage DVR content.

2. One or more HD Receivers (networked terminals)

  • The networked terminal(s) must be Motorola DCX 3200M or Motorola DCX 700M HD receivers.
  • The terminal is an HD, non-DVR remote receiver that is networked to the main DVR hub. You use the HD Receiver terminals to play back recordings from the main DVR.  You can have up to three networked terminals on one account.

3. MultiRoom DVR service added to your TV account, and professional installation by a Northwestel Technician.

  • A Northwestel Technician must visit your home to ensure your in-home cabling will support MultiRoom DVR service.  The technician will install all required equipment and ensure your MultiRoom DVR service is set up correctly and working.


Monthly Charge: $4.95

One-Time Installation: $49.95

  • Customers who subscribe to MultiRoom DVR service, and who have 3 or more receivers in their home, will not be charged the $1.99 Multiple Receiver Fee
  • MultiRoom DVR installation is included in basic installation for Digital TV service if activated/installed at the same time.


  • MultiRoom DVR is available to Digital TV subscribers in Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Fort Nelson.

How to Order

  • Call our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-423-2333
  • Visit a Northwestel Retail Store

A customer care representative will help you determine whether new or additional receivers are required, and will add the MultiRoom DVR service to your account. 

The customer care representative will then schedule an appointment for a Northwestel Technician to visit your home to assess your in-home wiring, and to complete the installation and the activation of your MultiRoom DVR service. 

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