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Cable Home Phone

The Complete Cable Home Bundle

Northwestel is excited to announce that Cable Home Phone is available in Whitehorse, Fort Nelson and Yellowknife!

Cable Home Phone service is a multi-feature residential phone service that is as easy to use as your existing phone service.

Northwestel will deliver your internet, television programing, and phone line over a single line. You use your existing telephone(s) and jacks, and you can keep your current phone number. You get all the features you are used to such as Voice Mail, Call Display, Call Waiting, operator assistance, etc.

Our new Cable Home Phone service delivers the choice, quality and security you expect from telephone service, with the added benefit of great savings and convenience through one bill and point of contact.

In addition to our existing Digital TV and Cable Internet discounts, customers can save even more with our Cable Complete Home Bundle. The bundle includes Digital TV, Cable Internet and Cable Home Phone.

Features and benefits of Cable Home Phone

  • Unlimited Long Distance (and great savings with the Complete Home Bundle)
  • Convenience of having only one bill
  • One point of contact at our Customer Care Centre
  • On-line access to long distance calling details
  • Great bundle savings available
  • Customize the products and services that best meet your needs

Monthly Rates

Network Access Service and feature rates:

  • Access - $32.37
  • Features
  • Note: Cable Home Phone Smart Ring Service is different than our standard Smart Ring offering.  The Smart Ring number will follow the primary number to wherever that is set to go.  The ringing pattern will be set at 2 short and one long ring and will not be able to be changed.

Long Distance Rates on Cable Home Phone:

  • New UNLIMITED minutes plan (Canada/US):

    • $19.95 if not part of the full Complete Home Bundle (Digital TV/cable Internet/Cable Home Phone)
    • Only $9.95 if part of the full Complete Home Bundle – see below for details!
  • Customers who do not want unlimited long distance will recieve a flat-rate $0.09 per minute anytime (Canada/USA)
  • Included are non-operated assisted Northwestel calling card calls made between Canada or the U.S and Northwestel's operating territory (IE: either originate from or terminate to Northwestel's operating territory) and use Northwestel's transport facilities or services.
  • Automated Calling Card surcharge are discounted by $0.50 per call. Other surcharges are billed at normal rates.

Sign Up

Call our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-423-2333

Bundle and save even more with Digital TV and Internet

Bundle your Cable Home Phone and Cable Internet with Digital TV and save even more every month. You can save up to $264 per year. Everything all on one bill for one low price - your TV, Internet and Voice services are meant to be together!

Additional Information

Cable Home Phone FAQ's

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