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3-Way Calling

When you can't all be in the same place at the same time, 3-Way Calling brings you together. 3-Way Calling allows you to speak with two other people in different locations at the same time.

3-Way Calling is ideal for people who need to talk with more than one friend, family member or associate at a time. It's the perfect tool for planning an event, conducting a meeting, consulting a third party, or just catching up on each other's lives.

Rate                           $5.25 per month

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Additional Information

3-Way Calling FAQ

How to use 3-Way Calling:

  • To add a third party to your call, press the Link or Flash button or the switch hook on your phone and wait for a steady tone.
  • The first caller will be put on hold.
  • Key in the number of the third party you want to speak with.
  • When the third party answers, press the Link or Flash button or switch hook again to join all parties together.
  • If the third party does not answer or the line is busy, press the Link or Flash button or switch hook again to rejoin the first caller.

If the third party is a long distance call away, you will be charged the applicable long distance rates.