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Call Display

See who's calling before you pick up the phone. Call Display gives you the advantage of knowing who's calling before you pick up the phone.

With an appropriately equipped telephone set, your phone shows the number of the caller when your phone rings. Some telephone sets can be programmed to display the names of selected callers, and can store the numbers of calls that came in while you were unable to answer the phone.

With Call Display, you can:

  • Choose whether to speak with the person calling.
  • Have an appropriate greeting or answer ready.
  • Give your kids a list of 'safe' numbers to answer while they're home alone.
  • Know who called while you were out or unable to get to the phone.

Rate                           $6.70 per month

This rate does not include the monthly charge for renting a Northwestel telephone set that enables this function.

Combine Call Display with other features and save with the FeaturesPlus discount package.

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