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Call Return

Call Return takes the mystery out of missed or unanswered incoming calls, and ends the frustration of reaching a busy signal on outgoing calls.

With Call Return, you can know the number of the last person to call your phone. If you want to return the call, you can do so automatically, without having to reenter the number.

When you reach a busy signal, Call Return will alert you as soon as the line is free and automatically redial the number for you.

Rate                           $5.25 per month

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Additional Information

How to use Call Return for missed calls:

  • To determine the number of your last caller, lift the receiver and press *69.
  • The last number that called you will be played back to you.
  • If you do not wish to return the call at that time, hang up.
  • If you wish to return the call, remain on the line and your phone will automatically dial the number of the last caller.

How to use Call Return to redial a busy line:

  • If you make a call and reach a busy signal, hang up.
  • Pick up the receiver and press *66.
  • Hang up again.
  • Your phone will continue to redial the number until the called party's line is free.
  • When the line is free, you will hear a distinctive ring on your phone.
  • Pick up the receiver and your call will be automatically connected.
  • To deactivate the function, press *86.

Call Return FAQ