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Call Trace

You don't have to deal with harassing phone calls. Having Call Trace added to your phone line can help. When activated, Call Trace records the number of an incoming call at Northwestel's central office. Northwestel will only release information obtained from Call Trace to a law enforcement agency such as the RCMP.

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  1. Order online.
  2. Call 1-888-423-2333.

Additional Information

If you would like to activate Call Trace:

  • Hang up on the caller
  • Pick up the receiver again and press *57
  • Replace the receiver (hang up again)
  • Record the time and date of the call
  • Information about the number that called will recorded and saved at Northwestel's central office.
  • If you would like to pursue the matter, contact the RCMP. Northwestel will only release the information from a trace to a law enforcement agency/ the RCMP.

If you have Call Waiting feature as well:

  • If you are on the line and receive a second Call Waiting call (hear a beep), activating Call Trace after hanging up will record the Call Waiting (second calling) number.

Rate: This service is free of charge