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Call Waiting

Don't miss an important call because your phone is tied up.

When you are on the phone, Call Waiting lets you know another call is coming through. Your caller doesn't reach an annoying busy signal, and you have the option of answering the incoming call or not.

When you do not want to be notified of an incoming call, you can engage Cancel Call Waiting for the duration of the call. If you are a Call Waiting subscriber who also uses dial-up Internet, using the Cancel Call Waiting function ensures that incoming calls don't disrupt your connection.

Rate                           $5.40 per month

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Additional Information

How to use Call Waiting:

If Call Waiting is activated, when you're on the phone and another call comes in, you'll hear a quiet beep.

  • To put the first caller on hold, press the Link button or the switch hook (the button you press to disconnect a call). You may then talk to the new caller.
  • To rejoin the original caller, pressing the Link button or switch hook again.
  • You may go back and forth between the two callers by pressing Link or the switch hook each time.

How to use Cancel Call Waiting (deactivate Call Waiting):

  • To deactivate call waiting, press *70 before making your call. Call Waiting will be deactivated for the duration of your call.
  • When your call is over, and you hang up, Call Waiting will automatically be reactivated*.

In the following communities, Call Waiting will not be automatically reactivated after Cancel Call Waiting. In order to reactivate Call Waiting, you must press *76:

Northern B.C.
Upper Halfway
Pink Mountain

Northwest Territories
Fort McPherson

Cape Dorset
Chesterfield Inlet
Coral Harbour
Whale Cove

Old Crow

Call Waiting FAQ