Wireless Networking

Get smart Wi-Fi with Wireless Home Networking

Connect multiple devices wirelessly with one Internet connection. Wireless Home Networking gives you a combined wireless router and modem that connects you seamlessly to your Northwestel Internet service.

With Wireless Home Networking, you can:

  • Have ultimate control over your household Internet using an easy, web-based control panel
  • Add, delete, change and manage any wireless device using your Cable or DSL Internet connection
  • Control all wireless devices in your home from one point, your control panel

Call 1 888 423-2333 today to learn more about Wireless Home Networking, available to all Cable and DSL Internet customers.

Enhanced Wireless Modem (DSL) Enhanced Wireless Modem

Enhanced Wireless Modem (Cable) Enhanced Wireless Modem

Enhanced Wired ModemEnhanced Wired Modem (Cable)

DSL and CableNorthwestel DSL Modem

Looking to get more from your Wireless Home Networking?

Purchase a wireless repeater from the Whitehorse or Yellowknife retail stores to extend the range of your existing wireless signal. This device is great for eliminating wireless ‘dead zones’ or to help a wireless signal reach every corner of your home.

  • Terms and Conditions

    As part of your monthly supsciption to Cable Internet services, Northwestel will provide a wired cable modem. An additional subscription, at the rate of $4.95 per month will apply for any customer who wishes to have a modem with wireless (Wi-Fi) capabilities.

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