Service and Maintenance Notifications

Notice to customers on Internet usage

Northwestel has identified a significant increase in network traffic beginning in late September related to upgrades to the operating systems on Apple devices. This includes iPhones, iPads, and Mac desktop or laptop computers. Every Apple device in the home can consume over 1 GB of usage for these upgrades. Depending on specific device settings, the upgrades may be happening in the background without the user’s knowledge. Information from Apple on how to manage your device’s system upgrades >

Northwestel would also like to advise customers upgrading to a faster internet speed that certain streaming platforms like Netflix may adjust their streaming quality based on your download speeds. Information on how to manage your Netflix streaming quality >

It is the customer’s responsibility to manage their internet usage related to 3rd party applications. Northwestel has developed some tips to help customers do so >

We continue to work with individual customers on a case-by-case basis to identify any other potential issues. We encourage customers who are experiencing service issues to contact our customer care centre at 1-888-423-2333.