Faster speeds, more usage, same price for cable Internet 16 customers

Thursday, July 6, 2017

WHITEHORSE, YT –  Northwestel Internet 16 customers woke up today with faster speeds and more monthly usage, all for the same great price.

Northwestel has replaced its popular cable Internet 16 service with two faster, higher capacity packages. Residential Internet 20 will provide 25% higher download speeds.  Business Internet 40 will see speeds double. Both packages will include 40 GB more usage and a major improvement in upload speeds.

What will the upgrade mean to the average Internet 16 customer?  More capacity for streaming videos, more ability to share pictures and video and greater business opportunities. Customers don’t need to do anything to receive a higher package, and will receive these benefits at no extra cost.

“As customer needs grow, Northwestel is committed to growing along with them,” said Northwestel Chief Operating Officer Curtis Shaw. “In the past year, we have introduced customer bundle savings and significantly increased choice on our TV platform. Today’s move is just one more way of saying thank you to our loyal customers.”

Today’s speed boost was made possible through sustained Northwestel investment in augmenting its backbone broadband capacity as well as its “last-mile” network right to people’s homes. 

“Thanks to these investments, we foresee introducing faster speeds for many more cable customers in the year to come. Stay tuned for more,” Shaw said.