New lightning-quick Northwestel Internet package doubles highest available speeds

Monday, December 4, 2017

Northerners can access the web at faster speeds than ever with the latest Internet package from Northwestel. Now available to Cable Internet customers in Whitehorse and Yellowknife, Internet 250 for residents and Internet 300 for business come with up to 30% more monthly usage and 2x faster downloading than previously available.

The new Internet 250 gives home customers up to 250 Mbps downloading, 15 Mbps uploading, and includes 500 GB in monthly usage allowance. With its blazing fast speeds, Internet 250 is perfect for Northerners looking to enhance their online gaming experience or stream content through multiple devices in their homes.

“We want Northerners to experience high quality entertainment and that means being able to easily enjoy online content,” says Northwestel CEO Paul Flaherty. “We see a growing number of Northerners who want faster speeds and families who have multiple devices connected in their homes. The new Internet 250 will allow Northerners to enjoy a richer online media experience with our fastest speeds and highest data cap yet.”

In addition to Internet 250, Internet 300 is now available for business customers looking to increase their Internet speeds and monthly usage. For creative entrepreneurs working in the North, Internet 300 for business makes sending your design work, videos, and high-resolution images easier, with upload speeds of 20 Mbps - over 3x faster than before.

Executive Director of (co)space and YuKonstruct, Jaret Slipp sees a lot of Northern creative entrepreneurs looking to increase their exposure through online marketing and e-commerce.

“There are a lot of hard-working, creative people in the North – graphic artists, photographers, filmmakers – all trying to gain exposure in a very competitive global marketplace,” says Slipp. “To be successful in business, sometimes these entrepreneurs need to be able to send large multimedia files to clients and customers. Faster upload speeds will go a long way to helping them get their work out quickly and compete with other creative people around the world.”

Residential Internet 250 is now available at $239.95 per month. Customers can save up to $30 when bundled with Northwestel TV and home phone. Business Internet 300 is available for either three-year term at $399.95 per month or a two-year term at $449.95 per month. There will be a month-to-month rate of $499.95. Full details about Northwestel Internet packages are available by calling 1-888-423-2333 or by visiting Northwestel online at