Students raise more than $16000 from Northwestel by saving thousands of directories from landfill

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WHITEHORSE, YT - Students across the North collected 13,729 telephone directories for recycling as part of this year’s annual Northwestel Directory Recycling Program.

For their collection efforts, students were awarded $16,600 by Northwestel to use towards class field trips, school supplies, extra-curricular activities and other school events. In the Yukon, 7,221 directories were returned for recycling – including Nelnah Bessie John School in Beaver Creek, Yukon who increased the number of directories they collected by more than 200%. With only eight students enrolled, the school collected 115 directories and raised $950 dollars from Northwestel.

“I’m amazed every year at the effort demonstrated by our Northern students,” said Andrew Anderson, Northwestel’s Director of Communications. “By keeping these directories out of the trash, these students are showing their commitment to the environment, and Northwestel is proud to celebrate and reward their hard work.”

Northwestel’s Andrew Anderson, Jenna Rooney of Yukon Government’s Community Services, and City of Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis celebrate the success of this year’s Yukon Directory Recycling program with students from Grey Mountain Primary School in Whitehorse.

The Northwestel Directory Recycling Program is held annually to invest in Northern communities while also helping to meet and promote environmentally-friendly standards across the North. Since 2002, more than 190,000 directories have been collected and recycled by students across the Yukon, Northern BC, Iqaluit and the Northwest Territories.