Culture and lifestyle

Culture and Lifestyle

What do our employees say?

"Josh BostockAs an ESD tech, I get to work with the tools and software that our customers rely on every day. Our team is built on friendship and respect  – we know that teamwork is the key to success for us, and for our Northern customers.

– Nisarg Bhatt, External Service Desk Technician​

Northwestel Employees

87% feel that people of all backgrounds can succeed at Northwestel.

86% say that Northwestel provides them with a safe and healthy place to work.

"Samantha HenneyLiving in the North, there’s always an adventure nearby. My job provides me with a great opportunity to advance my career, while giving me time to hit the road and enjoy camping and fishing with my loved ones.

– Samantha Henney, Market Manager (Internet)

Investing in our communities

Investing in our communitiesSince 2010, Northwestel has donated over $3.3 million to community groups across the North, supporting mental health and wellness, arts and culture, youth sports, and Indigenous community and cultural events.

WJosh Bostockorking in Fort Nelson, you really get to know everyone in the community – you see them around town every day, out at the golf course or the hockey rink. So our customers aren’t just customers, they are also our friends and neighbours.

– Josh Bostock, Field Ops Manager (Fort Nelson)