Service and Maintenance Notifications

Check here for information on service outages or system maintenance being performed in your area and how it may affect your services. 

Service Notice: Internet service in Iqaluit, NU - September 3, 2019

With the Tamarmik Nunaliit network in operation, Northwestel is now delivering high-speed Internet and LTE wireless to 23 of 25 Nunavut communities where customers can now get up to 15 Mbps home Internet service and access to LTE wireless service.  The remaining 2 communities are projected to be in service by end of September.  

As we continue to optimize the new infrastructure and network design, customers in Iqaluit may be experiencing short-term disruptions of Internet or cellular service. This optimization includes continued adjustments and investments in local earth stations and the satellite terminal point in southern Canada to amplify the signal and mitigate short-term disruptions during rain events.

We thank customers for their patience as this work continues.