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When business calls, answer with a hybrid business voice solution, powered by Northwestel.

Mitel company logoFast, effective communication is critical in today’s highly competitive business environment. It’s time to take your business’s communication up a notch and move to a complete digital phone solution. With a Mitel MiVoice Office 250 solution from Northwestel, you’ll have access to the technology and network your business needs to:

  • Enhance collaboration
  • Work smarter
  • Save on operating costs; and 
  • Be supported locally

As a Platinum level Mitel® partner, Northwestel delivers hybrid business voice systems in the north to connect your business with customers, prospects, partners and employees.

  • How will your business benefit?

    Business team collaborating.A business voice solution will enhance your business’ customer service, team communications and efficiency by leveraging the reliable voice network from Northwestel and state-of-the-art technology from Mitel.

    • No more out-of-the-office: Enable employees to be more responsive to clients by remaining connected with the office whenever they’re needed
    • Calls get to the right person, the first time: Streamline the process of incoming calls being routed to the person or department they need to interact with
    • Flexibility for remote workers: Easily extend business communications into an employee’s home office through a standard residential Internet connection (Internet connection not included in solution)
    • Save money: Eliminate fees associated with utilizing third-party conferencing
    • Never miss a message: Have voicemail messages forwarded to email allowing employees to be alerted to the arrival of new messages

    Mitel MiVoice is a flexible solution that can easily scale to your evolving business needs and integrate with a range of next-generation applications and solutions.

  • Why choose Mitel MiVoice from Northwestel?

    Woman working on computer in office.Northwestel has the experience in working with and resolving the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in Northern Canada. A Mitel business voice solution powered by Northwestel offers these benefits:

    • Reliable voice network: Northwestel blends next generation technology with a highly reliable voice network to give your business consistent and quality communication experience – less dropped calls, less jitter, less latency, that’s just better business
    • Local expertise: A dedicated account representative will work with you – from determining your specific needs, through the sales process and ongoing support, plus you can count on local certified technicians to install your new system and help get you and your staff up to speed on its exciting new functionality 
    • Affordable: Flexibly leasing options are available to reduce the cost barrier of a large upfront expenditure
    • Peace of mind: Northwestel offers affordable Support Plans to ensure your investment receives priority support and protection post purchase


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