IP Relay Service

Designed so deaf individuals can place and receive text-based relay calls from their personal computer (PC), or Smart Phone.

IP Relay is a FREE service available to all Northwestel Home Phone customers who:

  • Have a valid Northwestel account  (Home Phone, Internet or TV) 
  • Have been registered or certified as being hearing or speech impaired
  • Have registered for IP Relay

Note: This is an Internet-based service. Should you have an emergency, responders may not know the location you are calling from unless you tell them where you are.

  • How to Order
  • How to use IP Relay

    Watch the IP Relay demo video >

    IP Relay Operators are available 24/7.  Calls are entirely confidential.     

    You can call your friends and business associates by logging onto: https://ipr.iprelay.ca

    • Enter your 9 digit Access number
    • Enter your password
    • Type in the area code and number you want to call
    • If you have special instructions for the operator, you may enter those as well
    • Click on the Call button
    • The operator will come on the line and dial the number
    • “GA” stands for “Go Ahead” it means the operator is waiting for your text. 
    • You should end your thoughts with “GA” so the operator and the person you are calling know that you are done typing and waiting for a reply.

    Your friends and business associates can call you on IP Relay by dialing 1 888 relay-21 (1 888 735-2921)

    The operator will ask them for:

    • Their name, area code and telephone number
    • Your name and your 9 digit IP Relay User ID
      The operator will not be able to find you, if the caller only provides your first and last name.

    Remind them that:

    • The operator is typing what they say, so they may have to speak a little slower
    • You are typing your reply, so it may take the operator a little longer to read your answer back to them
    • They should wait for the operator to say “Go Ahead” before speaking
    • They should say “Go Ahead” when they finish their thought, so the operator knows that they have completed their sentence and that they are waiting for your reply
  • Charges and Billing
    • There is no charge for using IP Relay to place calls within Canada.
    • Long distance charges apply for calls to the U.S. and overseas. These calls are billed to your Northwestel account and vary depending upon where you call and the time of day the call is made.
    • When you place a call through IP Relay, the first part of the call travels over the Internet. Therefore, if charges apply, they will be charged based on your Northwestel billing address no matter where you are located physically.
    • Collect, person-to-person, third-number billing, 1-900 and Calling Card™ calls are not supported.
    • Prepaid cards are supported. Please provide instructions to the operator before placing a call using a prepaid card.
    • IP Relay operators do not have access to your billing information, but can help you contact the right department.
  • System and Technical Requirements

    To use Northwestel IP Relay, you will need:

    • A computer with a Windows or Mac operating system:
      • Windows XP, Vista, 7
      • Mac OS X
    • A broadband Internet connection with a download speed of at least 1 Mbps
    • A web browser:
      Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera
      Other browsers may also be compatible

    Note: Northwestel IP Relay is not compatible with Windows 8.

    Northwestel IP Relay allows you to make data calls from any computer that meets these requirements – even in an Internet café, using a public Wi-Fi hotspot or with a 3G wireless enabled laptop. You do not need any special equipment or software.

    • While IP Relay is optimized for desktop and laptop computers, it is possible to access the service on a mobile device such as a Smart Phone or tablet. However, on a mobile device, you may not have all the same advantages normally available on a computer. For example, you may not be able to see your entire IP Relay conversation due to smaller screen sizes, or remain logged in to the service for extended periods of time.
    • To use IP Relay with your mobile device,  it is recommended that  it meets the following requirements:
      • A full QWERTY keyboard
      • A web browser that supports JavaScript and AJAX
      • Please refer to your mobile device's user guide or contact your mobile provider for information about your device.
  • Account Management

    IP Relay is tied to your Northwestel Account and remains active as long as you have a valid Northwestel Account. If you cancel your Northwestel Account, your IP Relay service will also be cancelled. If you move and keep the same Northwestel Account, nothing will change.