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It's love at first sight with Northwestel TV.

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For 3 months ($63.95/mo. thereafter) when you bundle with Internet 20.3 See terms and conditions below for more details.

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With TV you get:

  • Over 315 Channels including CTV, A&E, TSN and more with TV Favourites.
  • Access up to 23,000+ hours of On Demand content, all without using your Internet data.
  • Watch when you want, where you want - at home or on the go with Go Apps.
  • Free installation for 1 TV.1
  • One pulse media gateway included .2
  • 3 free HD On Demand rentals.3

Experience the best TV service in the North.

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Northwestel TV Features.

  • Customizable programming packages with over 125 Pick-and-Pay channels
  • Watch movies and TV shows On Demand without using your Internet data
  • TV shows when you want, where you want – at home or on the go with our Go Apps and Crave

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Get a smarter guide.

Northwestel’s new TV Smart Guide provides a better viewing experience for Pulse TV customers, with an easy-to-use interface and a new and improved On Demand menu. Plus you can launch and stream Netflix* and YouTube* right on your TV. 
*Internet data usage applies for Netflix and YouTube streaming.

TV Hardware

Incredible equipment.

Watch TV through state-of-the-art equipment that offers high quality sound and picture. Connect up to six TVs in your home and move two TVs anywhere you want with wireless hardware. Plus manage recordings remotely using your tablet or smartphone.

  • Offer ends March 22, 2019. Subject to change without notice. Available where access and technology permit. Not combinable with other offers. Taxes extra. Any applicable usage fees and any additional programming or equipment rentals are extra. Available to new residential TV customers who have not subscribed to TV in the past 90 days. Other conditions apply. 
    1.  Basic installation includes a Pulse TV Media Gateway and up to two Media Player to existing cable outlets.
    2. $0/mo. rental based on $19.95 monthly rental fee, less a $19.95 monthly credit. Additional equipment rental extra.
    3. Pricing is based on continued subscription to the "Favourites" packages: (63.95/mo., less $22.00/mo/ promotional TV discount, less $14.00/mo. bundle discount when bundled with Internet 20. Current price less any bundle discount will continue to apply thereafter.                                                                                                                                                                


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