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  • Mandate and Operating Policies

    Mission Statement, Programming Mandate, Operating Policies and Guidelines for the Submission of Program Proposals

    Northwestel operates community channels in Whitehorse, YT and Yellowknife, NT as part of its obligation under the Broadcast Act in order distribute community programming to its local audience within those communities. Participation from the community in many facets in welcomed and encouraged.

    Welcome to Northwestel Community Television – a unique and exciting way of communicating with your fellow citizens. Northwestel provides a dedicated Community Channel in both Whitehorse and Yellowknife along with support for the production of non-commercial programming relevant to community needs and interests.

    The following policies and guidelines are designed to promote efficient and equitable access to our channels and resources, as well as to encourage appropriate programming for our Community TV Channels, Northwestel Video-On-Demand and Northwestel’s online video presence.

    Through its programs, services and support of Northern video producers, Northwestel Community Television aims to:

    Help Northerners develop video production skills and create Northern video content Provide a northern audience across different platforms to enable video producers to share their relevant work with an expanded Northern audience


    Northwestel Community TV retains the right to edit or add to the program, at its discretion, to ensure that the program complies with CRTC regulations.

    We will work with the community producer to determine suitable airtimes and repeat times.

    Northwestel Community TV is open to discussions regarding future uses of programs for non-commercial or non-profit uses in the community. These uses might include use of the video on You Tube for placement on the web site of a non-profit organization or use in a fundraising screening.

    You should be aware that legal issues may arise if any part of your proposal is protected by copyright. Any song, music, play, or work created by an author who is alive or has not been dead for more than 50 years may possess copyright in Canada. Any person performing or recording such a work must obtain permission from the owner of the copyright before the work is performed or recorded. It is the obligation of the independent producer to ensure that all copyright and usage permissions are secured prior to production

    As each case is different, the program producer and Northwestel Community TV will jointly determine ownership rights for any programs created or produced through use of the facilities of Northwestel Community TV.

    The term “program” describes the product of production which includes, but is not limited to:

    raw footage completed programs and portions of completed programs promotions, IDs, bumpers and the like audio tapes photographs, printed materials or artwork models, sets, props and the like

    All proposals are reviewed as quickly as possible. The evaluation process is based on a combination of factors including our current schedule of commitments to other access producers, compliance with CRTC regulations and policies, agreement between the producer and Northwestel Community TV on the perceived value of the project to community channel viewers and the resources available to fulfill your request.

    The Community TV Manager will consider the following questions while working with you on your program proposal:

    Is the programming “community programming” as defined by the regulations? Has this group or individual provided programming or used Northwestel’s facilities before? Northwestel is responsible for encouraging a diversity of voices on the channel and therefore will try to give as many people an opportunity to produce programming on the community channels. Does the programming comply with CRTC regulations and other Canadian laws? Does Northwestel have the proper resources to fulfill this request?

    • You acknowledge that no relationship or partnership is created between you and Northwestel Community TV when you submit the proposal.
    • The Proposal does not defame any person and does not infringe upon the copyright, moral rights, publicity rights, privacy rights or any other right of any person, or company, or violate any law or judicial or governmental order.


    Northwestel Community TV welcomes public submissions of programming proposals. By submitting ideas or a proposal to Northwestel Community TV, you agree to the following:

    Northwestel Community TV is not obligated to use or publish the proposal in any manner. You acknowledge that Northwestel Community TV receives numerous program proposals and other material from other sources, and Northwestel Community TV also creates such ideas and materials. These ideas may be similar to those in the proposal you are submitting, but you are submitting the proposal at your own discretion, on this understanding.

    It will be the sole discretion of Northwestel Community TV to determine if program or video-production submissions meet the terms of the Programming Mandate and are eligible for support and distribution.


    The community channel as defined by the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations means the channel of a distribution undertaking (in this case, Northwestel Community TV) that is used by a licensee (Northwestel) for the distribution of community programming within a licensed area of the distribution undertaking.

    Northwestel Community TV operates within the general broadcasting environment and also complies with voluntary guidelines established by Canada Broadcast Standards Council (CAB Code of Ethics, CAB Violence Code, CAB Sex Role Portrayal Code, and RTNDA Code of (Journalistic) Ethics). From a legal perspective Northwestel Community TV must ensure access programming complies under Canadian laws for issues including but not limited to copyright and defamation (libel and slander).

    Please note: Northwestel Community TV offers it services to the public free of charge and there is no charge to you or your group to produce any local television or to televise your event. Sponsorship revenues may be used to offset the cost of producing and televising your proposal or event.

    As well, the following conditions apply to Northwestel Community TV access and use of its facilities:

    Northwestel reserves the right to determine access to Community TV and resources. The Community TV Manager / Technicians have the right to determine whether the resulting programs meet the content and technical criteria to be aired on the community channel. If requested, Producers must sign a Northwestel Community TV Submission License and Release Form for any content to be distributed through Northwestel sources. Northwestel has the sole right to determine how often, and for how long any program or ‘series’ production can run. Northwestel reserves the right to cancel a production for any reason including any extenuating circumstances, such as safety hazards, technical difficulties or infractions of regulatory or policy guidelines. Northwestel production equipment must be used for approved community channel productions only – not for personal or commercial purposes. Northwestel reserves the right to review all “outside source” material for quality content and usability. Any program material (videotapes, CD’s, photos ) must be approved for use by authorized staff and cleared for all copyright liabilities. In cases of foreign language productions Northwestel may request English transcripts. Most access to Northwestel Community TV is provided without cost and there is no guarantee of payment to you for your participation. Participation with Community TV is on a volunteer basis unless otherwise specified.  Northwestel reserves the right to withhold access privileges from anyone who disregards the policies of this company.

    Northwestel Community TV aims to provide both an environment where local video producers can share their work with an expanded audience, and new video content can be developed, mentored and brought to fruition through a community of resources. Northwestel Community TV aims to provide support for local video producers to make their commitment and effort as fruitful and rewarding as possible.

    By licensing existing video content and assisting in the production of new video content to be shown through its various distribution methods (Cable TV channels, Video-On-Demand, online distribution), Northwestel Community TV aims to present programming of interest to its northern communities along the following principles:

    Content that is created in and/or created by residents of and/or relevant to residents of the regions of the Northwestel operating area.