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Northwestel Community TV Broadcast and Development Licenses

Northwestel welcomes applications for production and development support from independent producers to create larger-scale projects for Northwestel Community TV and beyond.

Since 2014, Northwestel has supported over 70 film and television production and development projects in the Yukon and NWT that resulted in independent northern producers accessing over $1.3 million in territorial funding and over $2.4 million from the Canadian Media Fund.

Northwestel Community TV is recognized as a northern community tv broadcaster by the Canadian Media Fund and can trigger funding under their Northern Production Incentive program for production, development and digital media projects. Our broadcast licenses can also trigger funding from Yukon Media Development, the NWT Film Commission and other territorial and federal funding agencies.

Northwestel Community TV has intake deadlines for programming proposals that involve major financial contribution by Northwestel.

The next intake deadline is February 21, 2020 for the coming 2020-21 funding year.

In order to take advantage of this supportive situation for Northern TV producers for production, development and digital media components the following is an outline of requirements for advanced funding.

Step 1 – Create a proposal to Northwestel Community TV for a broadcast license

These guidelines cover a broadcast license application for the development, production or post-production phase of a project.

If you would like to receive a broadcast license from Northwestel Community TV, please begin by familiarizing yourself with our channels and our policies (link to policies section). Only projects within the scope of our channel policies will be considered.

To submit a development or production proposal for consideration, please use the following as a guideline of required materials:

1. Project Proposal.

  • A two-to-three page outline of the project itself. Please describe the story, characters, locations, themes, format in as much detail as possible.
  • For development proposals please describe the outcomes of the development phase and what will be created (script, project plan, location scouting, key character outlines etc.)
  • Project team details. If possible, please include Bios/CVs of key contributors (including but not limited to the Producer, Director, Writers) to the project. Demo-reels and samples of participants work will aid the application. Complete contact info for the main applicant is also required.
  • Proposed final delivery and any special terms you are requesting for licensing on Northwestel Community TV (i.e. non-exclusive license, limited time-frame, first and second window terms).
  • Your proposed detailed production and delivery schedule.

2. Rough budget (CMF/Telefilm format preferred) including the amount you are asking from Northwestel for the license.  Your budget must include the proposed 100% financing structure, noting which other funding sources are confirmed (if known) or the date you expect a decision to be made on funding.


Step 2 – Familiarize yourself with the Yukon, NWT and Canada Media Fund funding guidelines

If you would like a Northwestel Community TV broadcast license in order to trigger Yukon, NWT or CMF funding, it is necessary for the project to meet ALL the requirements of each agency so start familiarizing yourself with those guidelines.

The CMF application and reporting process is detailed and can be time-consuming, so be prepared to take part in that activity through to completion. As well, the CMF has strict guidelines of the types of programs it will support, so make sure your project is within that scope.

It's best to contact the CMF directly for more information and discuss your project with them. Pre-approval by CMF before any application for a broadcast license will be helpful in your overall process.

Based on their 2018-19 guidelines for projects funded through northern Community Television, the CMF will put in 30% of the eligible total project budget to a maximum of $200,000 through the Northern Production Incentive funding program only. The Television Component must be 100% financed at application (including the Northern Production Incentive and any other CMF financing leaving an additional 70% of financing to be acquired through other sources.

For more information on additional project financing opportunities, as well as CMF details, please contact the following local organizations:

For funding through the Canadian Media Fund:

  • All projects must conform to CMF guidelines and definitions (such as the CMF definition of a documentary and other genres) to be eligible.
  • Only incorporated companies are eligible to apply to the CMF.
  • Projects must meet the CRTC definition of a Canadian production.
  • Projects must include a Television Component and one or more Digital Media Components:
  • VOD presentation of the Television Component
  • Digital distribution of the Television Component
  • Rich digital-media product
  • or any combination of these three.
  • All Applicants must abide by the Accounting and Reporting Requirements (ARR) of the CMF and follow applicable business policies as created and amended from time to time.


Please contact Northwestel Community TV directly at or 867.393.7669 if you have any questions.