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Ted Harrison 1986 interview
A profile on Ted Harrison from WHTV in Whitehorse, YT from 1986. From the archives of Northwestel Community TV.
Whitehorse Winterval Parade 2014
Whitehorse's annual Winterval parade celebrating the Christmas season. Dec 2014.
Late Night Yule Log - 2011
Northwestel Community TV's version of the classic TV Yule Log, re-defined for a late night audience. December 2011.
Yukon State Of Mind: Ep 1
Northwestel Community TV presents a new show that aims to broaden the discussion of mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in the Yukon. Written and co-produced by Susan Stanley, Nataschaa Chatterton (host), Kim Solonick and Hailey Hechtman.
Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt - Ep 204
In the last quarter-final of the 2014 season, Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis and City Councilor Joy Curteanu take on the team of Carson Schiffkorn and Tony Ciprani. A Northwestel Community TV production.
Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt - Ep 203
Sharon and Josie Shorty vs Rick Sward and Cleo Hosni in the third quarter-final elimination match of Season 2. June 2014.
Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt - Ep 202
Mark Beese / Keira Howard vs. Cindy Klippenstein / Ateca Mills in the second quarter-final match of the 2014 season. A Northwestel Community TV production.
Clara's Big Ride: The Northern Journey
In May 2014, Olympian Clara Hughes travelled through the three northern territories as part of "Clara's Big Ride" which encouraged Canadians to join in the conversation about mental health and help end the stigma around mental illness. Northwestel Community TV, in partnership with Bell Media, captured her northern adventure.
Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt - Ep 201
In the first quarter-final match of Season 2, Steve McGovern and Sarah Crane take on the team of Darren Susin and Bailey Staffen in the first match leading up to the season championship. Northwestel Community TV, June 2014.
Northwestel Employee Volunteers 2014
Northwestel employees volunteer over 2000 hours of their own time with organizations, events and activities across the North. Northwestel is proud of their efforts in making the North a better place for us all to live.
Yellowknife Christmas Lights 2013
Christmas lights in Yellowknife, December 2013.
Whitehorse Christmas Lights 2013
A tour of Christmas lights around the neighbourhoods of Whitehorse, Yukon. December 2013.