Important changes to your TV Service

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If your business currently subscribes to Northwestel TV service, your current TV programming will be impacted by rate changes driven by new rules and rates that content providers (such as Rogers and Bell Media) have imposed on all TV service providers and customers across Canada

Tavern Customers

Effective May 1, 2017, your current Essentials TV will be moved to our new Social TV Essentials package which has a reduced monthly fee of $36.95/mo.

Your new Social TV Essentials and theme packs will no longer include TSN, RDS and Sportsnet channels. This content is now available in new theme packs with pricing based on your business’s total occupancy. Stingray Music has also been removed from the Essentials package and is available as an add-on theme pack.

If you would like to continue showcasing Stingray Music, Rogers Sportsnet or TSN/RDS content to your patrons, please contact one of our Business Care Centre prior to May 1, 2017 at 1 888 423-2333 to ensure there is no disruption to your TV service.

Business Customers

Due to these changes, effective May 1, 2017, Stingray Music channels will be removed from our basic TV package and theme packs for all businesses and will be available as an add on service.

With these changes, the monthly rate for the new basic TV package will decrease to $43.95 due to the removed content. As an impacted customer, you will be automatically migrated from your current TV Essentials package priced  to our new Business TV Essentials package.

If your establishment would like to continue having access to Stingray Music content, please contact one of our Business Care Centre prior to May 1, 2017 at 1 888 423-2333 to ensure there is no disruption to your TV service.

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  • Customer definitions

    Rogers (Sportsnet) Licensed Commercial Subscriber Definition:

    “Licensed Commercial Subscriber” means each commercial establishment which receives television service for exhibition in publicly accessible areas, where alcohol is served, having a legally-determined maximum occupancy of less than 1,000 individuals, whose general purpose is the provision of food, beverages and/or a venue for groups of individuals to gather, including without limitation any bar, pub, club, tavern, restaurant, night club, bowling alley or community hall, whether or not located within the premises of a motel, hotel, inn or similar place of temporary lodging.

    “Licensed Commercial Subscriber” expressly excludes: transportation vehicles temporary public viewing venues, movie theatres, cinemas, playhouses, concert halls, sports arenas, places of public performance, other places that provide for public viewing.

    Bell Media (TSN / RDS) Tavern Subscriber Definition

    “Tavern” means any bar, restaurant, tavern, nightclub or similar establishment for entertaining, drinking or dining, whether or not located in a motel, hotel, inn or similar place of lodging.

  • Terms and Conditions

    *When added to Social TV Essentials basic package