Leading the way: Northwestel brings cutting-edge tech to Whitehorse with the North’s first ‘Smart Kiosk’

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Whitehorse, YT — Whitehorse may be known as the Wilderness City, but today Northwestel turns up the first-ever Smart Kiosk in Northern Canada.  Located downtown at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street, the Smart Kiosk – one of only a handful like it in the country – is loaded with helpful Whitehorse wayfinding information and Northwestel Community TV video footage of northern people, landscapes, and culture.

Replacing a set of pay phones, the fully interactive digital hub provides Yukon tourists and residents with easy access to detailed city maps, and up-to-date information on local services, and attractions.  Using the Smart Kiosk’s unique applications, users can search for info, wirelessly send the results to their smartphones and continue with their adventures.

Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis believes the Smart Kiosk will enhance visitors’ experiences, whether they are first time visitors to the city or experienced travelers looking for new attractions.

“We are excited about the addition of Northwestel’s interactive kiosk in downtown Whitehorse,” says Curtis.  “We hope that visitors to our community will find it useful as they search for points of interest in the area as well as nearby artworks, restaurants, trails, ongoing events and First Nations landmarks.”

One feature that is sure to draw a crowd is complimentary Wi-Fi access – available through the kiosk, provided by Northwestel – and a charging station to re-power mobile devices through available USB ports. In addition to this, the Smart Kiosk will help boost cellular coverage for all nearby mobility users.

Tammy April, Northwestel’s Vice-President of Consumer Markets says by having an innovative tool like Smart Kiosk available in Whitehorse, the city enters a brand-new digital age.

“The new Smart Kiosk helps Whitehorse identify as a modern digital city,” says April. “With our Smart Kiosk, folks can easily learn about our city while taking advantage of free Wi-Fi, charging their devices, and then carrying on their journey.  We live in a unique place – Smart Kiosk is a unique tool to help you explore it.”

City of Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis and Northwestel VP Tammy April celebrate the launch of the North's first-ever Smart Kiosk.