film crew
Step 1 

Write a project proposal

  1. Create a project outline: Describe the story, characters, locations, themes and format. Use as much detail as possible. Suggested length 2-3pgs.
  2. Describe the outcomes: What will you create? Is it a script, project plan, location scouting or key character outlines?
  3. Include the project team details: Who are the key people on the project? Make sure to include the producer, director and writers. Include their bios or CVs, demo-reels and work samples. Provide your complete contact information.
  4. Add the film details: Include your final delivery date and any special terms you are asking for. Do you want non-exclusive licence, limited time-frame, first and second window terms, etc.?
  5. Provide a detailed production and delivery schedule.
film crew


Step 2

Put together a budget

  1. You can use the CMF/Telefilm template. Download template here
  2. Include the amount you are asking Northwestel for, for the licence.
  3. You must include the proposed 100% financing structure.
  4. Confirm your other funding sources or the date you expect to hear about the funding.

If you have questions, get in touch with our team.